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It was down for quite sometime. But find me at.. #ObliviousGmn

Stop by! :D or not is okay.
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Reborn by ObliviousGmn
Hey It's been awhile since I posted anything.
It's nothing special. Finally got a decent PC (Desktop) from my last one. 
So I kinda of wanted to try a new Window manager instead this time around. 
I chose 2bwm, I'm enjoying it!! 

Ditched Dzen2, as my primary, Switched to Lemonbar.
I never was a fan of having two Dzen bars up just to make it one bar.

Made a new startpage. Make's things a little easier for me. Mostly linked my Localhosts
few other sites for quick access.

What you see is, 
x Luakit
x Lemonbar
x Popup (Pretty much a lemonbar notification)

Updated my Github, So Pretty much anything is there. 
Any questions, Ask :D…
Under Pressure by ObliviousGmn
Under Pressure
Hey Guys, Long time no see.
Updated my setup, Just a tad of course. Nothing major. I'm super cozy with my setup.

If you noticed my Ncmpcpp is not updated. Since I really dislike the new beta, sigh.
Cleaned up the Colors. A little less blue this time around. Had to brighted things up.

Using a custom font on terminals, That I modifed, Is a mix of Lemon and Lime.
Is on my github. Added a few things and removed others.

If you need anything ASK! I'm quite friendly and giving lol.

If any of you guys miss wallbase as much as I do. Wallhaven, Is the next best thing! Check it out!

What you see is,
x Luakit
x Ncmpcpp
x Urxvt, Ranger
x Tint2
x Dzen2

Updating my Github soon, Give me time please! :)…
Gmnbox v2 by ObliviousGmn
Gmnbox v2
The colors are meant to be altered, It's all about user's choice!
Feel free to modify!

By all means if you need help, Ask!

Polished Up themerc.
Fixed: Having to remove titles and buttons, Misc things.
Sharing my personal menu.xml !!
Sharing my rc.xml as well if you want to take a look!!
for those who want something similar!!

Keep in Mind!
It works exactly how you see it, So if you're expecting visible icons, titles and buttons..
This isn't for you. It really depends on keybinds.

(Added ZIP file, Sept 2014)
Providing tar file as well. (Optional)

Cure font from artwiz is being used for Menu! (lime on the terminal)
Shadow, xcompmgr -c -t-5 -l-5 -r3.5 -o.45
Gmnbox WDTV Live Streamer by ObliviousGmn
Gmnbox WDTV Live Streamer
This is me trying to be all cool and stuff.
I can't own things I can't customize I feel like it's a must in most cases. 

This is just a theme I created from an Original theme…
I swapped out a lot of stuff, Recreated the icons from scratch and all. It all came out pretty damn well. 

I use this nifty little box to stream movies from my awful computer (Can't play HD or it will explode) So I stream it with Plex.
Allows me to stream all kinds of formats with transcoding it. (MKV and all) Supports DTS to.
It comes with netflix and all that jazz (Is not bad, but it's hella slow)

I bought it for $60 bucks (refurbished, Ebay) so is not a bad buy.

I won't be releasing it to the public though. Cause there are some missing tweaks that I have not gotten around to. Still a pretty stable theme.

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