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Umm.. What?! How... Why? Lol.

Thanks either way guys! :) *tear*
Anyone know any kind of Groups on DA that focus mostly Terminal/Cli screenshots? Like EternelKernel, Magnet77's to name a few people..

Would be intresting to see a group where this is the main focus. A group where we could share all sorts of configs. Vim, Ncmpcpp, Terminal Colors etc. I might give it a try to start one. But have no simple clue how to start it up.

What do you guys think? Would it flop or not..
Is out of order, lost everything :/ .. I kept back ups of the small stuff but stuff like my family photos, videos all gone. I figure I should share this here since everyone finds me in DA. I'll be trying to setup my computer soon. But so far nothing :/
I need some motivation. Or a just a big slap on the face.
Any advice?, I feel am stuck on a rut also. Any good places to find new techniques photoshop wise?
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